Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

Also known as the Roux-en-Y, the Gastric Bypass is considered the ‘gold standard’ of bariatric surgery. It has been performed for more than 30 years, with advances in technology making it safe and effective. Dr. Leithead begins by creating a small pouch by dividing the upper end of the stomach, restricting food intake. Next, a direct connection is made from the pouch to the lower part of the small intestine, allowing food to bypass a large part of the small intestine which means the patient’s body will absorb fewer calories. The small stomach pouch gives the patient the feeling of fullness with a significantly reduced amount of food intake.

The Gastric Bypass is an excellent tool to help patients lose weight; most lose 60-80% of excess body weight. Additionally, studies have found that this procedure has resolved type 2 diabetes in 83.8% of patients, resolved high blood pressure in 67.5% and improved high cholesterol in 95%.

Payment Information


Insurance approval for bariatric surgery can be a difficult maze to maneuver. Our practice has 7 Patient Advocates who focus on obtaining insurance approval for patients. They will verify your insurance and walk you through any required prerequisites prior to surgery. When you call our office you will be introduced to your Patient Advocate who will work with you until the time you are scheduled for surgery.

If your insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, your Patient Advocate will discuss our cash pay prices and financing options.

Dr. Leithead accepts all insurances, including Medicare.

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